Welcome to STARS

At Berkley Southeast Group, we understand the importance of helping our policyholders manage their risk. That’s why we put together a team consisting of Risk Services, Claims and Underwriting to pool their knowledge and expertise to provide insureds with a complete resource dedicated to sharing information, reviewing trends and assisting with decisions that could help reduce policyholder costs associated with claims.

We call this team our STARS!

• Stewardship
• Team
• Account
• Risk
• Services

Many insurance companies limit this type of service to their larger accounts. At BSIG, however, we believe there are times when this type of service can be valuable to our smaller insureds. When our smaller policyholders could benefit from a little extra risk support, we assign a team of STARS to meet those needs.

STARS Benefits

To provide a coordinated approach to risk management, we will assign a dedicated STARS team comprised of:

A Client Service Consultant (CSC): Single point of service contact to coordinate BSIG staff to ensure all commitments of the client service plan are met

Risk Services: Experienced team equipped to identify loss trends and to provide creative and efficient loss prevention solutions

Claim Services: Designated team of experienced and specialized adjusters

Underwriting: Experienced, with local knowledge and expertise of the commercial
insurance industry

Our STARS will:

•  Coordinate BSIG resources to ensure that we meet our commitments to our clients

•  Develop customized service plans based on individual client risk exposures

•  Coordinate and facilitate customer facing meetings with client and STARS team members

•  Tailor training to meet the unique needs of our customers


A Team Approach to Risk Management

• Joint account visits with service team
• Participation in and contribution to the development of account service plans
• Safety & Health Assessments
• OSHA Training
• Driver/Fleet Safety training
• Return to work program development

Claim Services:

• 24/7 Direct loss reporting and emergency response
• Specialized and experienced claims professionals
• Online resources: WC claim kit and Return to Work program information

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