Risk Services

Our risk services specialists deliver tailored solutions to our customers with medium to complex risk exposures, through identification and assessment of those risk exposures. Services are customized for the individual client and we recommend controls, process changes and provide onsite training programs, to assist our customers in avoiding potential losses.

Our Key Advantages

Experience - Our risk services staff average over 15 years of experience. Our knowledge allows us to provide creative and efficient solutions to our customers.

Flexibility - We understand that no two organizations are the same. Therefore, we offer customized services and programs that complement a customer’s organizational structure and management style.

Quality Service - We put our customers’ needs before our own. We invest in quality people and tools to help our customers succeed while providing service that is timely, accurate, responsive, and results- oriented.

Services We Provide

  • On-site safety and health assessments
  • Customized training programs
  • Specialized property consulting
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Safety video rentals
  • Management services, including fleet safety, accident investigation, job safety analysis, machine and material handling reviews
  • New: Safety Website Portal with access to latest safety news, reference links and 300+ safety sheets-with a link to the portal.

Training Offered

We provide customized training programs to assist in developing management skills and procedures to reduce loss. Examples of training topics include:

  • Commercial VehicleConstruction
  • Crime Prevention
  • Fire Prevention
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Inland Marine
  • Liability
  • Natural Hazards
  • Occupational Safety
  • Product Safety
  • Professional Development
  • Workers Compensation
  • Industry Specific Hazards

Support Materials

To assist in developing and maintaining safety programs, risk services Services offers our clients a range of educational and reporting materials, including:

  • Safety Information SheetsVehicle Accident Reporting Kits
  • Engineering Info Sheets
  • Sample Programs
  • Safety Talks
  • Posters
  • Payroll Stuffers
  • Brochures/Pamphlets
  • Regulatory updates
  • On-Line Training

Safety Portal

Berkley Southeast Insurance Group’s Safety Portal is an online library containing manuals, checklists and videos related to safety and their regulatory environments. Our Safety Portal also provides weekly news stories and information on industry trends to help keep our clients current on issues that could impact their compliance and safety.

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Safety Portal

For additional information on our risk services, please contact your local agent.




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