Report a New Loss

Reporting a new loss quickly to your agent or directly to Berkley Southeast Insurance is a critical first step in assuring the successful handling of your claim. At Berkley Southeast, we offer multiple ways for you to report your new loss to us:

Contact Your Agent

You can contact your local independent agent to report the loss.

Call Us at 1.855.802.5273

You can call Berkley Southeast Insurance toll free 24 hours a day to report the loss.
NOTE: If you have an AUTO GLASS-ONLY CLAIM and would like to use our preferred auto glass vendor, you can call the following toll free number to report your claim and begin the repair process immediately: 1.800.452.7449.

Report Your Loss On-line

Click Here To Report A Loss (except an Auto Glass Only Loss)

Click Here To Report Auto Glass Only Loss

Email Us

To report a loss, you can email your own loss notice to:

Fax Us at 1.866.814.7532

You can fax your own loss notice or use one of the loss notices below to report the loss.

Loss Notice Forms:

• Automobile Loss Notice: Click Here >>

• General Liability Notice of Occurrence / Claim: Click Here >>

• Property Loss Notice: Click Here >>

• Workers Compensation First Notice of Injury or Illness: Click Here >>

Click the link below that best suits your immediate need.

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Workers Comp

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